The Consultancy

MENNENIA works directly with small businesses, founders, and larger organisations to maximise the efficiency of their technical strategy. 

We are a consultancy, and we’re here to help. We believe that technology, especially its lingo, has become unnecessarily complicated. Too many things get lost in the mix. 

We focus on mediating between business and development. By coaching both sides, teams learn, communicate, and empathise more to hit their desired goals. We are your personal dictionary when talking to developers!

Not only do we help you achieve what you set out to do (avoiding those common pitfalls!), but in such a way that you can do it again and again. We aim to get people to a place where, ideally, they wouldn’t need us. 

Our method

question · listen · translate — strategise · liaise · educate

We enjoy working on a personal level. 

Every project starts with a quick, free, call to get to know each other and understand your intentions. Where are you at? What have you set out to do? How do you think we can help?

Based on this, we'll recommend a few next steps. 

Usually, we work directly with founders across a series of technical coaching sessions. These are an opportunity to dive deeply into a topic or area of concern and really get unstuck. It's completely personalised to your situation and needs. 

We also offer workshops that cover frequently requested topics, such as commissioning app development ("Do I need an app? How do I get one made?"), user experience ("What defines good UX?"), and website development ("What is an API? What is the difference between front-end and back-end developers?").

Coming soon is a self-service platform with interactive content to demystify these common technical roadblocks that founders, business owners, and let's be honest, all of us face. 

Projects we can assist with include:

  • Assessing a website’s user experience, to improve conversions for example
  • Develop an analytics plan to measure behaviour and campaigns effectively
  • Clear up confusion around terminology, technology, and steps involved in setting up and maintaining your website
  • How to approach an SEO strategy
  • Deciding what platform and technology to use when building apps or websites
  • Effectively scheduling phases for app development
  • If working on an app, choosing how and what to make for time and cost efficiency 
  • Handing off specifications and requirements to developers

...and more. 

Send us an email — we’re happy to see if we’re the right fit for you!