03. November 2016

Organised Packing and Travel

I travel a lot. I often say I grew up on airplanes. Not surprising, seeing as my parents both worked in the aviation industry.

Airports, plane food, and jet bridges excite me. Yes, 100ml liquid baggies and paying for seat selection can take the fun out of it, but I still get that giddy rush.

Over the years long international journeys have made way for short and snappy European ones. Gone are the days where you want to stay comfortable on a 14hr flight and barely do laundry during your 6 week stay in Addis.

Whilst I checked in a full suitcase on my first trip back home from University, I quickly decided hand-luggage only was the way forward. The accumulated hassle of European Aviation rules added to that.

So what does one pack? A topic that keeps me and my friends entertained for hours. Here’s a peak into what I bring along.


22. October 2016

Going on a solo holiday

Recently I took a seven day, offline, holiday in Austria. By myself. Before that, I’ve been to Paris, New York, Toronto.

I’m talking about purposeful solo vacation time, distinguishing it from travelling on your own for work for example.

I try and do this every year, even just for a long weekend.

I think this is a healthy habit and I would strongly encourage everyone to try at least once. If some time off isn’t on the cards for a while, try the cinema or a restaurant — exploring your hometown counts.


07. February 2016

Graphic Design School

So I’ve had this book for a few months, but never got around to reading it properly, nor doing the assignments. Somehow, this weekend I felt like doing so.


15. January 2016

New Beginnings, New Job

“New year, new you!” is what all the magazines and papers are saying. Well, I’m still very much me. But… I’m me with a new job!

I’m so excited to share that I will be joining the Artsy Mobile team in February <3.